Tucked away in a small side street in the immediate vicinity of Julius Leber Brücke and the Gasometer in Berlin Schöneberg lies Studio KRiLL BERLiN.

Ever since its inception in 2012, KRiLL BERLiN has proved to be one of the most sought-after fashion labels in the district.

Right around the corner, two large windows create a bright and inviting atmosphere that repeatedly draws in customers. In this casual and tasteful space, the clothes collection enraptures them with its discreet and elegant presence

Collections such as 'The Golden Snow Falls' or 'The Blue Hour' epitomise the grace and refinement of KRiLL BERLiN. Pairing masterful craftsmanship with bold and innovative design, Meike Hampe crafts her materials into a distinctive shape that entices and awes.

When you think of Iceland, you think of an infinite landscape of harsh, rugged and sculpted rock formations. Inhospitable yet dreamlike, unfamiliar yet captivating.

It is this atmosphere that the KRiLL label evokes. A thrilling marriage of fashion and art that seduces both wearer and observer.

Meike Hampe´s clothes can easily leave you addicted. Thankfully, this addiction comes without side effects.